I still remember the first time I heard Alicia sing, at a Yoga teacher training 8 years ago. Since then, her love for Vedic chanting was awakened in me and I have always had her as a reference for her. Her deep knowledge of the Indian musical tradition and her quality as a person make her an exceptional teacher. I have admiration & respect for her, and above all gratitude for everything she has taught me over the years.

Sandra ArnaizYoga teacher

For me it was lucky to find Alicia just when she was starting on the path of sound therapy. For two years I have been learning Vedic singing, vocal technique and meditative practices with sound from her. Her classes are deep, inspiring and full of sensitivity. Alicia knows the tradition, lives, feels and practices everything she teaches. She is a wonderful person and teacher.

Patricia RamosMusician and Singer

The workshops and sessions with Alicia Corral are for me experiences of total internal connection, liberation, and integration: They allow me to observe what needs to be attended to, and to elaborate and integrate it through devotional singing, and the body-mind and mindfulness practices that he proposes to us. After your sessions I am left with a wonderful feeling of deep well-being, calm, bliss and ecstasy. It is incredible what we can experience with Alicia, who guides us in such a kind, sensitive and joyful way. She inspires and transmits pure contentment and joy of life, for me she is an extraordinary person.

Cristina MeloIntegrative Reprocessing of Trauma. Creator and Director of the Latin American Summits: Trauma, Resilience and Wholeness

I have been taking classes with Alicia for years, the experience from the beginning was wonderful.
I didn't know anything about music and I thought that it might not be the right thing for me, but in the first class it was clear to me that I had found the right place to sing, to sing those mantras that attracted me so much but that I didn't understand.Her deep knowledge of what she has in her hands makes me feel in each class that I am receiving tools full of wisdom.
When I sing something changes.I sincerely believe that I have found the best teacher, simple, humble and with great wisdom.

Rita María de la IglesiaDoctor and Therapist

I work with Alicia to release voice and singing. I consider Alicia a great teacher who projects her voice from the heart. Thanks to her accompaniment I feel that I can surrender, open myself, encouraging myself to do all the exercises that she proposes, investigating, observing and allowing everything that appears in this process.
Through voice liberation work, I contact a part of the being not consciously recognized. A more or less contained part that wants and asks to express itself, to free itself. As I allow my heart to open, I perceive the subtle more. When singing, sometimes I stop being me, giving way to the Being that expresses itself in a space free of judgments, fears, exploring, daring to sometimes reach the sky, other times the earth, the sublime, the visceral, in a dance. continuous, in which the vibration of the sound is majestic, powerful, transforming, reaching at times the deepest part of the Being. Others practicing discernment, becoming aware of where the voice travels, what obstacles it encounters, the state of the body, from where it is expressed, for what purpose, and many other nuances.
I am very grateful for her guidance and also for the meditations she offers, which are invaluable accompaniment for me.

Nuria CaballeroYoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology Advisor

I met Alicia thanks to an audio that a friend forwarded to me with a Vibratory Singing exercise. She was going through a very bad time and had tried different forms of meditation but none of them worked for me. Her voice caught me and the exercise became a ritual. She managed to lower my revs and gave me great well-being. I asked my friend to contact me and I did individual sessions that helped me move forward in those moments when I can't take it anymore. It's been a year since that. Life has been rearranged. It will break down again. I know. But the tools that Alicia has given me will be there, fulfilling her reparative function. Thanks, Alice! I feel very lucky to have found you along the way.

Rebeca GarciaPhilologist

I would like to express what I felt in the workshop. I was going to sing, which is something that naturally heals me, elevates me and produces sensations that are difficult to describe with conventional language, but I have to say that it has been a transformation for me. I already knew that singing comforted me, invaded me and evaded me, but I did not expect to find all the transformation it has brought about in me. It has connected me deeply with my essence. It has been like a therapy session, of shaking, stirring, crying and transforming. Therefore, infinite thanks for your being and for the ability to provide that precious energy.

Bea CarracedoYoga teacher

Alicia transmits knowledge with freshness, enthusiasm and heart.
Because of her generosity in teaching, the workshops she offers are rich and beneficial.
It is a pleasure to practice with her.


I took private Vedic singing classes from Alicia and her classes are great. It has been like singing school and therapy at the same time. Her guided meditation is very deep and she has a wonderful way of teaching. I have learned a lot, and I always felt safe to express anything that came up. Before starting I had some doubts about online classes, but it was always as if Alicia was by my side. I can recommend her 100%. Thanks Alicia!

Frederieke SauerYoga teacher

I have known Alicia Corral for several years now in my experience as her student.of Vedic singing courses and workshops and, more recently, voice liberation and Dhrupad. Beyond the technical knowledge of the subjects she teaches, What stands out about Alicia is her ability to empathize with the difficulties of her students, connect with the subtleties of each one and propose different ways to achieve the stated objectives. In certain jobs - and Alicia treats the voice as a vehicle of transmission—it is not possible to isolate the technique from a more holistic at an energetic level: you touch sensitive matter and you have to know how to position yourself and connect with the energies of the student. For me, a large part of Alicia Corral's success is that, behind the theoretical and practical mastery of what it deals with, there is a constant work of personal development that is born from her concern, I would say almost necessity, to achieve what essence of itself and of its students: this essence is nothing other than the connection with the divine that resides in all of us.

Jordi MorelPhilologist

"Alicia es La Maestra de canto. Con su dulzura y su amor, te permite conectar con lo profundo de tu ser, con el cuerpo, para poder transmitir el alma en forma de canto y de voz. Agradecida siempre de haberme cruzado en su camino”.

Enrica TifatinoMusicoterapeuta